CarePine Home Health Division is fully licensed Home Health Agency servicing the 5 counties surrounding Philadelphia including Delaware, Chester, Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties. We are a Medicare and Medicaid Certified Home Health Agency committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and our customers. Home Health services are provided on an intermittent basis and require a skilled service that is monitored by a physician. These services are usually paid for by insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid and other commercial insurance.


CarePine Home Health team of skilled nurses consist of experienced Registered Nurses and Licensed. Practical Nurses who have undergone vigorous training aimed at providing exceptional care and customer services. Registered Nurses (RNs) assess the patient and develop individualized plan of care specific the patient’s medical condition. Throughout this process, the Registered Nurse maintains constant contact with the patient’s physician and the patient, observing and providing feedback to the physician and continues to re-evaluate the plan of care for effectiveness. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) assist Registered Nurses in providing care that is acceptable within their licensing scope. All Licensed Practical Nurses are supervised by Registered Nurses on a continuous basis to ensure that the plan of care is followed and updated as necessary with changes in the patient’s condition.

Our Skilled Nurses provide the following services:

Specialized Nursing Programs

1. Wound Care Program

CarePine Home Health nurses receive unique training and are certified to treat and prevent chronic wounds. Our team evaluates and coordinates with the patient’s clinician to develop a treatment plan for different wounds including pressure ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, draining wounds and related problems arising from conditions such as urinary incontinence and Ostomy. We provide education to the patient and/or caregivers on techniqueto prevent complications and infections.

2. IV Infusion Therapy Program

CarePine Home Health Infusion Therapy nurses administer IV education including Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), chemotherapy, analgesics and therapeutics in the comfort of the patient’s home. Our nurses are training in various infusion pumps and infusion techniques and will coordinate with your infusion company, administer and monitor your infusion medication for various issues including complications and tolerance. 

Our infusion services include:

3. Psych Nursing Program

CarePine Home Health Psych Nurses are trained to provide care for patients with mental illnesses including:

Our nurses assess the patient for sleep patterns, interaction with other people, adequate nutrition, ability to perform activities of daily living, reasoning ability, safety and memory. The team then develops an individualized intervention plan that incorporates other disciplines including occupational therapists, Medical Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatric to ensure address the patient’s needs.

4. Maternal Infant Program

Under this program, Registered Nurses provide care and education to expecting mothers during the pregnancy and after delivery. Specifically, the nurses assess and develop plan of care for:

5. Disease Management Program

CarePine Home Health Disease Management Program is designed to assess and educate the patient and the caregiver on how to effectively manage their disease/condition, prevent infection, prevent re-occurrence and how to immediately identify unusual signs and symptoms and when to contact physician to prevent re-hospitalization.
Our services under this program include:

6. Dementia Program

This program brings together multiple disciplines to assist and treat patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our team of skilled nurses develops a plan of care specific to the patient and incorporates techniques to address symptoms and disease progression with the ultimate goal of maximizing the patient’s independence.
The Dementia Care Program pulls together other CarePine team including, Escort Service, Respite Care, Medical Social Work, Personal Care, Home Health Aide and Skilled Nursing.

7. Pediatric Care Program

CarePine Home Health Pediatric Care Program consists of experienced nurses who have the sensitivity and the understanding of working with loved young ones. Services under this program can either be intermittent care or they can be long term pediatric home care. Long Term care is provided under our Home care services. Services under this program include:


CarePine Physical Therapy department is comprised of experienced Physical Therapists who develop a plan of care specific to the patient needs to improve/restore the patient’s mobility, balance, strength and overall functional ability.

Patients requiring Physical Therapy may be recovering from either neurological conditions or physical conditions.

Neurological Rehabilitation Program:

These conditions often lead to impairments of balance, vision, movement activities of daily living, muscle strength and loss of functional independence.

CarePine Home Health Physical Therapists treat patient who suffer from these conditions to restore and maintain function, slow the progression of disease, improve the overall quality of life and restore functional independence.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program:

CarePine Home Health Orthopedic Physical Therapists diagnose, manage, and treat disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system (for example bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons). Patients under this program include:

Physical Therapy Treatment Plan:

Our treatment plan includes but is not limited to:

As part of the program, our therapists will evaluate, provide or recommend the following services:


Occupational Therapists help patients to be independent in performing activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, combing hair, cooking, participate in school activities, participate in social situations, etc. Occupational Therapists have a holistic approach with the patient as the center of the care with emphasis made on client progress and increased participation of caregiver/family; specifically in activities of daily living that the patient finds meaningful and interesting. Interventions are aimed at adapting the environment and modifying tasks to allow patients for perform achieve maximum independence in performing activities of daily living.

CarePine Home Health Occupational Therapist will evaluate upper extremities (hand, elbow, shoulder, forearm and wrist) and identify specific deficits that are preventing patients from being to perform selfcare, home care and other normal activities such as work. The Occupational Therapist, in consultation with the Physician, develop a customized intervention plan to improve the patient’s ability to perform daily activities and reach the goals.

Examples of patients who may qualify for Occupation Therapy include:

Conditions such as stroke leave the patients dependent on other for care and personal hygiene. CarePine Home Health Occupational Therapists evaluate not only the physical needs but the psychosocial needs of the patient and adapt the Plan of Care to produce the maximum results possible.

Dementia patients have compromised cognitive senses as a result of damage to the brain. This condition can lead the patient to be independent on others. CarePine Home Health Therapist can provide early intervention, including educating the Caregiver/family on how to adapt the environment, managing
ADLs and other tools to allow the patient to live a full independent life.

CarePine Home Health Occupational Therapy services include:


CarePine Home Health Speech Therapists evaluate and treat patients with swallowing and communication disorders caused by physical or neurological conditions. Our Speech Therapists develop a treatment plan that enables patients to express their thoughts in a clear manner. They also teach individualized techniques that allow the patients to swallow safely and comfortably.

Examples of patients who can benefit from Speech Therapy Services include:

CarePine Home Health Speech Therapy Services include:


Often patients and family members are not sure of where to turn to in moments of crisis. CarePine Home Health Medical Social Workers provide counseling and assist patient and family members in evaluating and managing health and community resources. Our Licensed Social Workers evaluate and assist in Short-Term and Long-Term Care Planning in all matters related to the patient’s emotional, social, and physical well-being. Our Social Workers will assist patient and family members in managing crisis, act as an advocate for elderly patients and help the patient and family members navigate the complex health care system.

CarePine Home Health Social Workers will evaluate the patient’s health, social and economic situation and develop an individualized Plan of Care that includes resources and options available to the patient and family. These options include but are not limited to legal, financial, community, emotional, counseling and health resources in the community.

CarePine Home Health Licensed Social Work Services include:


CarePine Home Health Aides are licensed as Certified Nursing Assistants by the State of Pennsylvania. Under the Home Health Program, we only recruit and hire licensed Aides to ensure that the plan of care developed by the Registered Nurse in conjunction with physician is followed. We also retrain our CNAs to ensure that the patient, patient’s home and environment is respected and that the care is provided in a compassionate and caring manner.

Our Certified Home Health Aides function under supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Physical Therapist. This supervision ensures that the plan of care is adhered to and further reduces the risk of reinfection, regress or re-admission back to the hospital.

As is with all disciplines, the goal of the Certified Home Health Aides is to restore the highest possible level of independence for the patient and improving the quality of life.

Unlike the  Services under our Home Care Division, the care provided by the Home Health Aides in this program is reimbursed primarily by insurance companies including Medicare. However, under this program, this care is intermittent and requires the presence of a skilled service. Some patients find it beneficial supplement this service with Home Care Services provided in the Home Health Care Service Section.

Home Health Aides provide personal care services under the supervision of a registered nurse or physical therapist to help support functioning of individuals in their own homes. Our aides assist patients with meal preparation and personal care such as getting in and out of bed, walking, bathing, toileting and dressing as well as teach family members to care for the patient.

CarePine Certified Home Health Aide Services include:


CarePine Home Health Tele-Monitoring Program uses advanced equipment to monitor critical vital signs and make this data immediately available to the physician. The information is either obtained by our team or can be submitted by the patient as required by the physician. Information can be gathered by the patient 24 hours a day/7 Days a week. When a patient results fall outside preset parameters, CarePine Home Health Nurse is contacted and a specific treatment course is immediately triggered.

Information that can be obtained through Tele-Monitoring includes:

This immediate response to changes in vital signs and proactive approach to care significantly reduces hospital re-admission.

Examples of patients who can benefit from Speech Therapy Services include:

During the initial assessment, the nurse will evaluate the patient for inclusion into the program. If the patient is receiving skilled intermittent care, this service is provided at no additional cost to the patient. Private Duty patients can also elect to use this service for a fee.

Participation of the patient in the Tele-Monitoring Program places the patient and family at the center of the care and allows the patient to be an active participant in the plan of care.